Rolsteeg 14 Haarlem

Rolsteeg 14 2011NA Haarlem


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15 min. from Amsterdam center, 20 min Schiphol, 35 min The Hague

The Rolsteeg is between Haarlem’s two most exclusive locations: on the one hand there is the gracious canal of the Nieuwe Gracht with its patrician houses and canal houses and on the other hand the monumental villa park “Kenaupark” with its characteristic white town villas from the second half of the 19th century.
It is a quiet (dead end) and picturesque street without through car traffic, so you can live here in the middle of the city center but still in peace! All shopping, restaurants, cultural and city center facilities can be found within a few minutes walking distance. The central train and bus station is a 4 minute walk.

The cozy house was built around 1885 and has been modernized over the years but also has several nice characteristic elements.
The unexpected, uncommon layout makes the house just a bit different and more fun than most of its kind:
– On the multifunctional ground floor, we find a spacious and modern kitchen with a sleek and sturdy cast floor. This space can also be accessed separately via the garden. The sunny city garden located next to the house is located on the South East. Also on the ground floor is a toilet.
– The living room is on the first floor and offers a nice view on the green Kenaupark and the Nieuwe Gracht.
– The bedroom is on the top floor as well as the newly renovated bathroom with shower, sink and second toilet.

The house is for rent and will be delivered upholstered but without furniture. If preferred, full furnished is negotiable.
Rent is excluding utilities. Minimum household income: 5000,-/month.

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